The Bownes | Claremont Colleges Family Session

"There she is!" I heard.

And then all of the sudden, the cutest little squealing guy dressed in a vest came running up to me with arms wide open. He ran across the grass with his arms up and a big smile on his face, and and then gave me the biggest jump hug! It was THE BEST, and I wish I had recorded that whole welcome because it's definitely the kind of thing you re-watch when you need a pick-me-up! Ahh, Atticus, I hope you keep that spirit and joy with you forever. (can you pick out the little man below? :) )

I admire this family so much. We met about 15 years ago when Kathyrn and I were in National Charity League together, and we've stayed close every since. Their family is full of love, kindness, style, servant hearts, travel bugs, Italy lovers, art history buffs, and lots and lots and lots of laughs. They live in four different states, but they travel often to see each other and never let distance keep them apart. (We also did family photos together 2 years ago - see their first session here)

Love you all so much and so happy we were able to get together over the holidays for your family photo session at Bridges Auditorium!


And of course, a little photo of me + Kathryn (who was also the maid of honor in my wedding and college roommate). Love you fry!


Interested in your own family session? Let's plan some photo magic together.