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Cora's First Beach Trip | Corona Del Mar Beach Family Session

I think Corona Del Mar beach sessions might be my new favorite thing.

Some of our best friends came in for a way-too-quick 20 hour stay before they ventured on for the rest of their vacation. They arrived in the afternoon, got settled at our place, and then we headed to Corona Del Mar Beach for an impromptu beach family session to celebrate Cora's first time by the ocean! She was a little unsure about the water and sand, but was a trooper if we held her and I think one day will come to love it.

Kevin and I loved having them in our home, experiencing Cora's first beach trip, witnessing Tara and PJ love each other and love little Cora in such a strong way, and just experiencing so much of Jesus in the way they live. We're missing them so much already, and trying to think of ways to convince these Idaho friends that California is waaaay better. :)

Interested in a having your own Southern California beach family session? Send me a note and let's make it happen!