holiday session

Ryder | Sweet Nectar Society

This little guy's got style!

It was such an honor to photograph Ryder and his family for the Sweet Nectar Society at Peltzer Pine's Christmas tree lot. Sweet Nectar's mission is to provide comfort and love to families of children who are affected by serious illness, disability or injury through photography and community outreach programs.

Four-year-old Ryder has a rare neurodevelopmental disorder called William's Syndrome and was also born with severe CHD. He has such a strong, amazing spirit and when you get him to smile his little smile, it's just golden :)

The Greenbergs | Claremont Family Holiday Session

I've known this family and they've known me since I was born :). We grew up going to the lake together, celebrating holidays/birthdays/graduations, and I just love them so much! Such great people. And aren't the red accents in their outfits just awesome?! Perfect for a holiday session.