Isla | Monrovia Baby Photo Session

Oh my, in-home sessions and pretty golden light outdoor sessions are two of my favorite things - and this shoot had both! Isla is the sister of sweet Emilia and they are "so hopelessly in love with each other," as their amazing mother, Christina, says. It's been so incredible to photograph Christina's maternity sessions for both of these girlies, and now get to watch them grow up!

Get ready for lots of "oohs" and "awees" for this one!

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Aubrey | Southern California In-Home Baby Session

I love that Aubrey's parents call me "Auntie Kristen." :)

Stacie and I were little childhood neighbors who played in our backyards together, built forts, played dress up, and caught bugs for our bug boxes. I think the whole catching bugs thing was Stacie's idea, lol. I would have much rather played with my dolls than worms, but hey, a little dirt never hurt anyone, right? (Love ya, Stacie <3)

Fast forward to today and Stacie's husband and I are now work "neighbors" aka co-workers! I love how small this crazy little world is! And how I am now swooning over Stacie's little baby girl who is just simply adorable. 

Auntie Kristen loves you baby Aubrey. And when you're old enough, your very own pink bug box is coming your way.

Madeline | Catalina Family Photo Session Sneak Peek

This weekend was such a fun adventure! I was so thrilled when Morgan said she wanted her family photos taken on Catalina Island to celebrate their new baby girl, Madeline, and their 4th wedding anniversary. Marcus and Morgan had many dates on Catalina, they tied the knot there, and now they have their first family photos taken there as well!

This was my first time exploring Catalina, and Kevin and I fell in love with the salty sea town and all of the colorful little details. I can't wait to go back and explore this town even more. But for now, here's a sneak peek at this beautiful family's session!

Emilia Grace | 2 Month Baby Session

This in-home 2 month baby session was a dream. She was a very vocal little girl, but as soon as my camera came out, she was silent and happy. Oh how she LOVED looking right at the shiny lens, and giving the cutest little smiles and smirks! I photographed her mother's maternity session, so it was very special for me to be able to hold, see, and photograph this little one!

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