Sunrises are kinda my thing.

Sunsets too, definitely sunsets. But there's just something about chasing that pinkish-purpleish sunrise when the day is still fresh, cool and still. I love walking/running in the early hours to catch those colors and really giving my mind a moment of peace before the day's craziness begins. It's the time I feel closest to God - he works out the kinks in my heart and I do my best to lean on him.

I love being a sunrise person. I choose to see beauty before anything else, to see the good in people and our God, and to live with hope and joy even though life can be so extremely tough at times.

Photography has grown into a love greater than I ever imagined, and is my way of capturing life's sunrises in a real, tangible way. I love the way expecting mothers radiate, the little wrinkles in soft baby skin, the deep belly laughs siblings share together, the way newly engaged couples look at each other, and the warm comfort of a family. Life isn't always easy or Pottery-Barn-perfect, and I don't believe in styling shoots that don't feel like you. But I do believe that life is filled with so much beauty and joy, and that these moments are worth capturing and passing down through generations.

So together, with your hearts and my lens, we'll capture those sunrises.


A few fun things about me:

* I am a follower of Christ
* I love my family more than anything
* I consider my friends as family
* Lynette is my middle name, as well as my mom's and grandma's
* I cry every time I watch P.S. I Love You
* I fell in love with chasing sunrises when I studied abroad in Italy
* Cleaning is therapeutic for me
* I dance in my kitchen, in a studio, in the streets, anywhere really
* I love pink tulips and white peonies
* I love the beach and snow-capped mountains

Grab a cup of coffee & browse around to learn more about my photo sessions and see pretty images from recent shoots on my blog. I recommend a cappuccino and listening to tunes from All Sons & Daughters or Florida Georgia Line... depending on your mood :)

I believe in creating photography sessions that capture life in all its colors and quirks.